How Satan attacks leaders (pt.1)...

During our series on Angels and Demons, I mentioned that evil demonic forces seem to attack leaders first and hardest. Why? Get the leaders, get the followers!

I didn't have time to unpack everything I wanted to say, so here are specific ways Satan and his demons attack leaders.


  • Illness
  • Pain or physical suffering
  • Death of people we love    
  • Ministry disasters (the wheels falling off right before an event, etc).
  • Financial calamity


  • Satan will seek to use disasters for the very fact that that they can become distractions.
  • "putting our fires..."
  • exchanging busyness for effectiveness

Draining people

  • Know what persecution is? People giving us a hard time because of what we believe and do!
  • "Extra grace required" people
  • "High maintenance" people
  • Negative people

Destructive attitudes & behaviors

  • Negativity
  • Inappropriate thoughts
  • Inappropriate habits
  • Inappropriate relationships

As a leader, have you felt Satan attack you in these ways? Would love to know!

Stay tuned for Part Two of this series!