What I Owe My Team (pt 1)...

As Sr. Pastor, I am team leader for a host of other leaders in our church. My A-Team, obviously, is the Ministry Team that serves on staff here at Mountain Lake. So what do I owe my A-Team? Character: My team doesn't need to always agree with me, but they need to know that I am seeking to listen to God and follow Him. They must view me as a man of God, and although I'm not perfect, I'm seeking to be a man of integrity. They need to see ME seeking to live God's mission for my life!  I must model the way. One staff member who spent over a decade with me before God called him on to other fields told me as he neared his departure: “Shawn, even in the times when I disagreed with you, or was even frustrated with you, I have never questioned your motives.  I have never questioned your heart.  I have always believed you were seeking to hear from and follow God.”  Best compliment I could have ever been paid.

Care: As team leader, I must love my team. I must do life with them. I must seek to encourage them. I must care enough about them to challenge and coach them. I must pray for them. I must celebrate with them. At times I  have cared for my team well at Mountain Lake.  Other times, I have been so busy, moving so quickly, that I have blown right past the people closest to me. I highly doubt many of us have intentions of blowing right by our teams.  I really don’t believe that most of us intend on distance-decay in our relationships with team members.  It’s just the gravitational pull. We have to be more intentional. We have to build care-time into our schedules and weekly agendas.  AT MLC, we have a weekly meeting called "Fist Bump Tuesday" presently where all we do is encourage each other! We began our Pastors only meeting this week with 45 minutes of just "doing life." We took time to share what was REALLY going on in each of our lives. When environments like this are in place, our team will know over time that we really care.

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow!