Six Traps of Organizational Growth (part 1)...

The most recent issue of Inc. Magazine  lists six traps any fast growing organization   can fall in to.  Do you think these would apply to ministry and church leadership?

1. Your business outgrows your staff. The article says that people who get you to $5 million won't get you to $50 million. The reason is often because early staff members are ambitious and have strong tactical skills, but lack strategic skills. Over time changes must be made organizationally to allow an organization to keep growing.

2. You wait too long to hire. "When demand surges, do you have the employees to handle it?" The article states the importance of hiring proactively not reactively.  One general principle advocated was hiring 120 days before a position is even needed.

3. You lack the right systems. "Eventually gut instincts and charisma won't cut it."  The article talks about the importance of having the right team members and the right technology to build scalable systems in order for a company to continue growing. "When you're growing this fast, the processes you have today will not be working in six months."

SO…what do you think?

Do these apply to ministry and church leadership?

Why or why not?

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow!

Source: Inc. Magazine, Sep 2012