What I've learned from Nick Saban...

Saban.image I think we all know by now that Nick Saban isn't perfect. He's probably the most scrutinized coach in America. Bama fans love him. Everyone else hates him. However, no one can argue that what he has done with the Alabama team is nothing short of jaw dropping. Three National Championships in four years. This is historical. It is a Football Dynasty of the modern era. While ole' Nick is not perfect, I have of course stood amazed at what he's done and several characteristics he displays that proves he's a great leader. For you non-Bama fans, drop your pride for a moment and admit that we all would do well to learn from one of the great leaders in our culture right now.

Here are just a few quick things I 've learned from watching Nick Saban:  

* Never rest on yesterday's success. 

* Develop the players you have. 

* Recruit the best in America to lead the team. 

* Keep everyone focused on the fundamentals. 

* Don't try to be better than the competition. Just be the best you that you can be. 

* Forget about the scoreboard. Focus on the process of improving every day, and the scores will eventually take care of itself. 

* Enjoy the journey, not just the results. 

* Chill out. 

* Celebrate more. 

* Smile more! (Come on Nick, you can do it!)