A Caution for Pastors...

        Mountain Lake Church was founded on the message of Acts. Everything our church is today and everything we seek to accomplish is based on the pattern we see emerge among the early Christ followers found there. However, I have a confession to make. While our ministries have always been based on the MESSAGE in the book of Acts, I'm sorry to say that there have been times when we weren't basing our ministry on the POWER in the book of Acts.                     Recently, God has been teaching me that if I want our church to Re:ACT--to allow God do in our church what he did in the early church, our church has got to be based, not just on the MESSAGE of Acts, but also the POWER of the Book of Acts: We MUST be asking for, and allowing  God's Spirit to be the guide and sustainer of our ministries! We have to allow HIM  work in and through our church more! Here's the way it works in its simplest form:


        God is showing me more and more these days that BOTH are important! It's not enough for our church just to be doing the right things. Biblical patterns and methods are empty without God's power. Disciples are powerless without God's Spirit and power living in and through them (Read Acts 1). EVERYTHING we do must be in God's power and under His influence!
        OK, so here's the deal: If God's power is so necessary, how do we tap into it the way the early church did? WE SLOW DOWN. We go back home. We WAIT. We get still and get with God. We start listening and watching for what He wants to say and reveal to us. THEN, we move...But not before ...If we jump ahead of God in our own effort, it's all going to crash and burn...THAT'S my caution today for all pastors.
        But if there's one thing the book of Acts proves, it's the fact that a bunch of common ordinary people can do ANYTHING when God's power is present among His leaders and His people! How about you? Are you willing to slow down for the Power today?