Staffing as a church grows...

William-vanderbloemen-520x193William Vanderbloemen saved my life. At least  I think he did. I met William last year,  and the timing could not have been better. I shared with William the challenges our Ministry Team was having, because on the heels of moving in a new auditorium and experiencing some explosive growth, NO ONE ON OUR TEAM HAD EVER BEEN ON STAFF AT A CHURCH AS LARGE AS OURS...NOT EVEN ME! That's a challenge.

If you've been a part of a church that's experienced exponential growth, you know that the challenges and complexities of ministry change so much over time with the growth of the church! I was recognizing it. Our team was, too! We were in over our heads! We sensed God leading us to bring in some team members that had ministry experience in ministries larger than ours. Since that time, we have asked William to help us in the search for THREE new executive ministry positions. Working with William has been everything I'd hoped it would be.

Here are just a few of the ways the ministry of the Vanderbloemen Search Group has helped our ministry:

  • They sat down with me, sought to understand my leadership style, our church's mission and culture, and asked me the hard questions. I have a better understanding of our church's unique mission and culture because of them.
  • They have helped us reach outside our usual church relationships and cultures and connected us with new types of churches and ministry leaders. This is going to help diversify our team and church over time.
  • Most Pastors and churches don't have great HR processes. We've been no exception. William is helping our young church grow up here.
  • William is a Pastor with a Pastor's heart, has worked in and for the church, knows ministry, recognizes the call, and knows a ministry match when he sees it. He's really gifted at this.
  • William loves Jesus, seeks Him, and asks God to lead Him as part of the search process. That means the world to me!

Bringing in some seasoned ministry veterans with new energy and fresh perspective is going to rock our church...for the better! Thanks, William, for following God's calling... I can't wait to see what God is about to do in and through you! Honored to partner with you!

As for Mountain Lakers, get ready for greater impact than ever before!