Average is a Habit


We are indeed creatures of habit. We lull ourselves into a certain way of thinking or living. What are your habits? Are most of your habits good ones or bad ones? You’ve heard that the definition of insanity is doing the same things expecting different results! We will never change, until we change something we do DAILY.


Our habits are either forming us into an achiever or someone very average. The scariest part is that average is a habit! We get used to it and it becomes a way of life!

Here are some examples of BAD habits that make us average:

Staying up too late. Getting up too late. Neglecting my spiritual life. Knocking off work early. Goofing off when I’m supposed to be working, and working when I am supposed to be goofing off.

Unbridled social media. Saying “I’m just not a reader.” Saying “I just haven’t had the time.” Responding, rather than initiating. Doing, rather than developing. Binging. On anything. Focusing on the urgent, over the important. Eating poorly. Failing to exercise consistently. Self-medicating. Forgetting WHY I do WHAT I do. Being available to everyone and everything else, at the expense of my family. Failing to take a day off. Failing to take a vacation. Neglecting to date my spouse. Neglecting one on one time with my kids.

Negative thoughts and negative talk. Comparing ourselves to all of the other average people!

Think about this: We are the sum of our habits. We are not a sum of our upbringing, our station in life, or our position. We have more control than we give ourselves credit for. Today, change that. Change. Change something. Change a habit. Change something you do daily. Habits have a compound effect. If we commit to a new habit, over time, it begins to make a big difference. So, stop comparing yourself to all of the average people. Stop blending in. Stop justifying your behavior. Change what you do daily. Refuse to give in to average!

Okay, time to execute. From the list above, or others that have been brought to mind, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO CHANGE TODAY?

Drop me a comment and let me know. I care about your growth and change!

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