Building A Culture


Culture is the invisible, often intangible makeup of our beliefs and behaviors. Culture is ultimately what makes everything tick. Culture is what makes us magnetic and attractive as an organization. So how do we build the culture we want to build.

Be the Culture you Want to Build.

First of all, we reproduce what we are, not what we want to reproduce! If we want a culture that resolves conflict in healthy ways, then we need to learn to do that. If we want prayer to drive our culture, then prayer must drive us. If we want to build a thriving, life giving culture, then we must become a thriving, life giving person! We must lead ourselves first and become the culture we want to build and invite others to join us.

Become A Culture Architect.

Your #1 job is not speaking or  meetings or administration, etc. A leader’s #1 job is defining reality and designing the culture we want to build.  Like an architect, we wake up everyday and design plans to build what needs to be built. Culture must be our #1 priority!

Get Clear on your Vision and Values.

We must get clear on our vision and values. THEN, we must hold everyone accountable for those values. I have told team members who worked for me that “if you want to get fired, it will not be for making a mistake. It will be for violating our values. Either we’re going to live by them, or you won’t work here very long.” How’s that for clear?

Aligning everyone around the vision requires CLARITY and ACCOUNTABILITY.    Tweet

Does your culture need some work? Most cultures do. We would love to help you assess and build the kind of culture you want to build! Drop us a line and let’s talk about how we might do this together!