Do We Inspire People Around Here?

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I have spoken often about the fact that there are Three (and only three) Gears of Growth: Culture, Team, & Systems. I don’t like to prioritize them one over another, but if you put me on the spot, I would have to say that Culture is the most important. Of all the distinctive cultures out there, in my experience, if there’s one cultural distinctive that makes the biggest difference in an organization, it’s simply this: Our ability to inspire people.

Perhaps the most important aspect of a culture is its ability to inspire people. TWEET THIS

So one of the most important questions, we can ask as a leader is:

“Do We Inspire People Around Here?”

Great leaders inspire people. Great ministries and organizations inspire people.

I looked up the definition: “Inspire: To fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something.”

In short, great leaders possess the ability to MOVE people. Great ministries and organizations possess the ability to MOVE people.

Notice I didn't say: “CONVINCE people” or “CHALLENGE people” or “MANAGE people,” even though great leaders and organizations may do all of the above. Above all, however, what sets great leaders and organizations apart from all others is this: They INSPIRE people.

I found it interesting in my brief research that one definition for the word “inspire” means to “breathe in” or “Inhale.”

That’s what inspiring cultures do. They offer a deep breath of fresh air.

Do you do this? Does your culture do this? To help you assess yourself, here are some great questions for reflection:

Determining Our Inspirational Quotient: (answer Y or N)

Do we offer a breath of fresh air here?

Do we primarily offer good news?

Do people sincerely enjoy being here?

Is it fun to be here?

Is this a positive environment?

Do people think often of this place when they are not here?

Are inspired people bringing new people to connect with us?

Am I growing and being developed here?

Are people’s lives and relationships strengthened because they have been here?

Do we use people to get the work done or use the work to get people done?

Count your Yes’s and No’s. Did you pass? Did you excel? Today, commit to becoming more of a cultural architect in your leadership and mainstay or organization.

Commit to being a positive leader that brings a breath of fresh air into every meeting and experience. Talk as a team about how you could become more of an inspirational culture.

However, it all starts with me right here and right now. So pause when you finish reading this, pick out one person around here…and inspire them because…

Great leaders inspire people.