Don’t Focus On Your Strengths


“Focus on your strengths.” I’ve heard it. So have you. I don’t believe it. At least I PARTIALLY don’t believe it. Do you know why? I have never had a failed leader tell me: “What took me down was my strengths.” I’ve never had a leader of a failed organization tell me “What took us down was our strengths.”

The truth is, we are only as strong as our weakest link. The truth is that what will bite us in the butt is our blind spot. Do you have blind spots? Do you know what your blind spots are? No, you don’t. If you know what the blind spot is, it’s not a blind spot anymore. It’s just sin! You still have blind spots. You have still have growth areas, of which you are unaware!

Organizationally, we all have blind spots as well. Yes, we have strengths. We have areas that come more natural for us in our leadership. Strengths are important. However, understanding our weaknesses organizationally may even be more important! At CourageToLead We talk about the Gears of Growth®, Culture, Team and Systems. We are usually naturally stronger organizationally in one or two of these ares, but we usually have a weaker link...maybe even an achilles heel!

How can we discover our weakest link? How can we find our weakest link? We need outside perspective! This is the great value of having a coach. A true coach walks with us over time and really gets to know us and our organization and then brings the honesty assessment, perspective, and honesty needed to not only recognize our weaknesses, but get better at them?

Should we focus on our strengths? Yes, just not at the neglect of our weaknesses. We have to get better. The weak link must get stronger. We must get the weaker gear moving. If we can, it could create momentum for everything and everyone.