How Much Should We Care About The Numbers? (Pt 1)


Some pastors OBSESS over the numbers. Other pastors IGNORE the numbers. Some overemphasize them and some underemphasize them.  So what should your approach be to the numbers? Well, here’s a principle I hope you can never forget:

God will never bring more people to our church than we can effectively steward.  (Tweet This)

Remember the parable of the talents? If we are faithful with what we have, God is often willing to bless us with more. If we’re not faithful with what we have...well... what we have could be taken away from us and given to someone else. This happens in ministry world every day! So how can we do a more effective job at paying attention to the numbers?

First of all, we DO need to measure our ATTENDANCE and GIVING every week. Why? Are nickels and noses really that important? You bet they are.

First of all, people and stewardship matter to God. Do you read the Bible?

Secondly, when people stop attending or giving as they have in the past, it’s for one of THREE REASONS:

  1. A Relationship with GOD problem

  2. A Relationship with the CHURCH problem

  3. A CRISIS in their life problem

In any of these cases, we can only respond if we know people are MIA. This is why Small Group and Volunteer measurements and Monitoring are so important. These smaller spans of care and the systems within them allow us to recognize and respond when someone is struggling more rapidly, and gives us a chance to respond. Keeping attendance is something that should be monitored at every level of ministry. We need to know who;s there and who’s not. Church Database Management Systems can even generate reports that allow a leader to see and know more easily when someone’s missing and respond more rapidly.

Why do we count nickels and noses? People matter to God...and…

God will never bring more people to our church than we can effectively steward. (Tweet This)

Attendance and Giving measurements are a great place to start but a terrible place to stop!

Tomorrow in PART TWO of this post, I’ll talk more about what and how we should measure everything else up under the hood. Stay tuned!