How To Get and Keep The Vision Clear (pt 1)

I have talked about The Two most Important Requirements For Vision Alignment within an organization. Over the next couple days I want to talk about how to get and keep the vision clear. 

Keep It Concise

Most of us overcomplicate the vision. The best thing to do, though, is to keep it simple. We ought to be able to tell someone all about it in ten seconds. The vision shouldn’t be longer than a sentence. Why is this so important? No one will remember much more than a sentence. We aren’t the only ones who need to remember the vision. Everyone else has to have a grasp of it too. If it is ever going to be successful, everyone needs to be able to both remember it and share it with others. A vision is only as strong as it can be shared and applied.

Keep it Consistent

My wife and I sometimes miscommunicate. Most of the time it’s because she swears she told me something and I don’t think she did. Bless her heart. (You know I’m kidding.) The truth is that she usually has told me. It’s just that one of two things has happened: either I never heard her in the first place, or I did hear her and I’ve forgotten everything she told me. Same things happen in organizations every day. Either they didn’t hear it,  or they have forgotten it. I promise! Say it again. And again. And again every week. Every event. Every opportunity. You can not communicate the vision too often. Stick to it. Don't mess with the vision. Don’t change it.  Don’t have Vision schizophrenia, and change it like the wind. No plan is perfect. Just work your plan! Be consistent!

Keep It Compelling

Don’t just rattle the vision off like a nice phonetic poem. Speak with passion. Speak with conviction. Speak with emotion. Speak with urgency. Tell them why it’s so urgent! Tell them why we must do this now. Tell them why this vision is worth living for and giving to and sacrificing for. Be vulnerable. Be transparent. Talk about the vision in a compelling way!

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