Leveraging Our Anxiety


Many people I know are yearning for that day when things “slow down,” so they can “get everything done,” so they can have “less stress.” The main challenge with this approach to life is the fact that things hardly ever slow down, and we never get everything done.  Trying to do the impossible actually creates more stress in our lives! So what are we to do? 

Recognize That Anxiety Is Inevitable.

First of all, because I don’t know of anyone who has eliminated anxiety from of their lives. It’s impossible. Trying to do so stresses us out more! Things are never going to "slow down" or "get easier." We're never going to get everything done. We aren't even supposed to! Trying to do the impossible creates even more stress! Embrace anxiety. Stop trying to get everything done. Learn to live with that tension. Learn to maximize the 1440 minutes a day that you have a trust God with the rest. Don't wait for a slower, better day to get your life in order. Start today. Traction equals satisfaction! 

Recognize That Success Brings Complexity.

Second, with success, life often becomes more complex (not less). There are more people answering to us more demands on our time, and more zeroes to manage! With success, anxiety often increases!  With more blessing comes more responsibility.  Learning to embrace anxiety now actually prepares us for future success. So embrace anxiety. 

Recognize The Two Kinds of Stress

Success is inevitable, but there are two kinds of stress: Stress on the front side; and stress on the backside. Preparing, practicing, planning, exercising, budgeting, dieting, reading, studying, learning, and growing, all have certain levels of anxiety attached to them. However, stressing on the front side of a day, a week, an event, etc., can actually help us be more prepared and will increase our chances of success! On the flip side, if we don’t stress on the front side,  and we’re not prepared, guess what we create on the back side of an event? More stress! And stress on the backside is based on guilt and regret rather than success-based stress on the front side. So today, choose success based stress.

Don't just embrace anxiety. Leverage it. (Tweet This!)