The Value of a Sabbath Day Rest

I can not tell you what it means for me to be able to shut down for at least ONE FULL DAY every week. Once again, God's command to work six days and rest one day reveals Him to be the Genius that He is! To be honest with you, a Sabbath rest was not something I have always understood or consistently obeyed.

For years, even in ministry,  felt I like it was a sin to allow a full day when:
1. I don't "catch up" on things or "get ahead" on some things. 
2. I make myself TOTALLY unavailable to work situations.
3. I don't think about my church that much.
4. I do not return phone calls or emails. 
5. I do nothing but veg out and hang out with my family.

For years, I did not realize that the very effort (seven days a week) I was giving to my ministry was depleting me of the ability to be used more mightily for God! When I am able to disengage from my work for one full day, and then return to work, I am more revitalized, refreshed, renewed, and ready to tackle the next hill with a sharper mind and spirit! So over the years, God has challenged me and given me permission to make a sabbath a rest in my life one of the most important aspects of my life. My life, my family, and my ministry are more effective because I rest. Period. God commanded it for a reason! Do you take a weekly sabbath rest in your life? If so, when?