Chiclayo, Peru

Chiclayo, Peru

Where: Chiclayo, Peru

Chiclayo is a beautiful beach town on the coastal desert and very close to gloriously beautiful mountains. It’s a beautiful community to which both the rich and the poor flock. The rich, for the beach and beauty and the poor for opportunity and hope of a greater tomorrow with jobs and opportunities. Most of these poor live on less than $1.25 per day in squatter’s villages lacking basic municipal services – life there is very rough. It’s these poor that Compassion is reaching with both the good news and good deeds.

What: Trip with Compassion International to learn about their church planting efforts there and how our church might be involved!

Over the past 5 years Compassion International has partnered with churches in the states to plant almost 100 churches in 5 different countries and we are excited to be offering churches in the US the opportunity to join us in planting in the future.

When: Jan 23-28, 2017

Rough Itinerary:

Monday, January 23 – depart USA late afternoon and arrive in Lima around mid-night

Tuesday, Jan 24 – depart for Chiclayo
lunch and briefing at hotel
visit Compassion Church Partner
early meal

Wednesday, Jan 25 – Chiclayo
late breakfast
visit Compassion Church Partner

Thursday, Jan 26 – Chiclayo (Piura possibly)
early breakfast
visit Compassion Church Partner

Friday, Jan 27 – depart for Lima
tourism day in Lima (Mira Flores)
red eye back to states

Saturday, Jan 28 – most travelers arrive home by 3 pm


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