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Courage to Lead provides next-level leaders the opportuntity to partner with practitioners...

Our certified coaches know what it's like to lead, because they've done it. They experience the same highs and face the same struggles, and have learned to navigate the tough stuff they didn't teach you in business school.

Meet the team...

Shawn Lovejoy

Founder + CEO,

Shawn has been a successful real estate developer, a church planter, megachurch pastor, and a CEO of a fast growing coaching and consulting organization.

Shawn has been coaching executive leaders for two decades in the areas of leadership and organizational health, utilizing the Gears of Growth Framework®.

Shawn is the host of The Courage to Lead Podcast and The CourageousPastors Podcast. He also the author of several books including Measuring Success and Be Mean About The Vision

He has been married for 27 years to his best friend Tricia and they have three children: Hannah, Madison, & Paul.

Shawn loves helping leaders like you lead at the next level!

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