Some leaders just get it right, and Shawn Lovejoy is one of those leaders. From launching an incredible ministry work to passing the baton with textbook grace, Shawn has never failed to maintain a clear and compelling vision for what God wants to do among His people. Be Mean About the Vision is full of wisdom and reflects Shawn’s elite leadership. More importantly, it will inspire others to deeper levels of godly leadership.
— Chris Brown, Ramsey Solutions, National Radio Show Host of “Chris Brown’s True Stewardship"
It’s easy for leaders to cast a vision but tough to keep it sharply focused over time. In Be Mean About the Vision: Preserving and Protecting What Matters, Shawn reveals what’s required to avoid the distractions, disruptions, and divisions we face when pursuing our priorities. Drawing on his vast experience working with pastors and church leaders, he shares insightful biblical wisdom for keeping teams unified and on track. This book is a must-read for anyone wanting to be a Christlike leader.
— Chris Hodges, Senior Pastor, Church of the Highlands; Author of Fresh Air and Four Cups
Shawn has given us a fresh book on vision! Shawn’s principles are based on the realities of leadership in the local church he founded, built, and served so well for sixteen years. This book is from a leader who under-
stands leadership. The stories are candid and the insights are practical. Be Mean About the Vision: Preserving and Protecting What Matters will help you clarify and lead your own vision at a new level!
— Dan Reiland, Executive Pastor, 12Stone Church, Lawrenceville, GA
In a noisy world that’s crowded with distractions, focus might be the best asset of a leader. Shawn’s focus is the reason for his success. Smart leaders will focus on this book, and learn to be mean about the vision God has given them.
— William Vanderbloemen, Founder and President, Vanderbloemen Search Group
The first time I heard Shawn talk about ‘Being Mean About the Vision,’ I knew he had to turn it into a book. While vision is often high minded and theoretical, this is a very practical and helpful work.
— Dave Travis, Leadership Network
If a leader isn’t ‘mean’ about the vision it won’t be long until inertia, mission creep, and human nature drown it out. In Be Mean About the Vision, Shawn shows us in down-to-earth, practical terms what it takes to find, clarify, and ensure that the main thing remains the main thing over the long haul.
— Larry Osborne, Author; Pastor of North Coast Church, Vista, CA

Shawn’s honest writing of his own leadership story challenges leaders to wrestle with the vision God has uniquely given to them—and see it through with courage.
— Tony Morgan, Founder and Chief Strategic Officer, the Unstuck Group
It’s more than a catchy book title. Be Mean About the Vision: Preserving and Protecting What Matters is the essence of what it takes to lead an organization—sacred or secular. Locations, staffing, programming, budgeting, delivery systems are all negotiables, but not vision. Change, downsize, or dilute the vision and you will create another organization altogether. Shawn Lovejoy will share with great transparency the upside as well as the underbelly of what it really means to preserve and protect what matters.
— Sam Chand, Leadership Consultant, Author of Leadership Pain
One of the defining characteristics of Shawn’s leadership through the years has been his passion for clarity about keeping people focused on the thing that matters most in every organization: the vision. This book will give you the courage you need to point your organization at a vision worthy of your best.
— Matt Keller, Leadership Coach, Pastor, Author of The Key to Everything
This book represents the convergence of Shawn’s passion, his values and his personal practices. What a blessing to church leaders!
— Todd Wilson, Founder, Exponential Network
One of the greatest tools a leader has to accomplish the mission of God, is vision-casting. Vision-casting is an art and a science. Shawn is one of the best to learn this art and science from. You and the church you lead will be thankful you read this excellent and needed book.
— Derwin L. Gray, Lead Pastor, Transformation Church; Author of The High Definition Leader

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Shawn Lovejoy is the Founder & CEO of a coaching and consulting organization for leaders. Shawn has served as a Pastor, Coach, and Real Estate Developer, for decades. ne now coaches, trains, and speaks on leadership and leads a team of coaches that coach leaders through what keeps them up at night. Shawn’s book for leaders: Be Mean About The Vision: Preserving and Protecting What Matters, released in 2016 with Thomas Nelson Publishers. Shawn lives in Birmingham, AL with his wife Tricia, and their three kids Hannah, Madison, and Paul.