004: Leading Change Without Blowing Up Everything (w/ George Davis)

*culture podcast Jun 24, 2019

Change is inevitable.

You are either responding to changing variables around you or you are initiating change within the organization you lead. While it's necessary, don't get me wrong, change is hard!

Most people don't like change. I've seen leaders fumble the process of leading this for years.

In this episode Shawn sits down with close friend, and CourageToLead.com Coach, George Davis. In this conversation, they highlight how to institute change in a healthy way. 

Along with his wife, April, George lives in Jacksonville, FL where he leads twelve Impact Church locations across the East coast, Texas, and Peru.

During a period of plateaued growth, George led Impact Church through major strategic and stylistic change resulting in exponential growth.

Today Shawn talks with George about navigating changes while keeping the organization healthy and keeping himself sane, centered and married!