033: How To Be A More Resilient Leader

*culture podcast Apr 16, 2020

In this episode you’re getting a sneak peak inside one of the Monday Coaching Calls hosted by Shawn Lovejoy. 

These calls occur each Monday and focus encouraging leaders and teams to the next level. On this call, Shawn was joined by best-selling author Jon Gordon to discuss “How To Be A More Resilient Leader.”

Leaders need resilience. A leader’s role doesn’t allow for pessimism about the future—as the team takes cues from its leader about how to respond in difficult times. 

Individual and team resiliency is a vital component of ongoing high performance...especially in the COVID-19 Crisis.

The most critical time for leadership isn’t on the mountaintop, it’s in the valley.

Make sure resilience is a widespread team attribute, rather than a scarce one. 

Enjoy this episode, giving you an insider’s look at the Monday Coaching Call.