Back to the Basics (Live at the Lyric)

*culture *systems *team Aug 04, 2021

It's easy to get stuck in the "land in between," that space where you're not where you once were, but yet you're not where you want to be, either.

A lot of leaders find themselves there. In fact, that's the natural tension of leadership-- we're always looking to the next thing, consistently exploring terrain where we've often not yet been

And we want to take people with us.


Sometimes, you've got to go back in order to move forward. That is, you've got to nail down the fundamentals. 

You've got to look at the culture of your organization-- that is, the place where you work.

Or the team, that is, the people.

And, even the systems-- those bridges you use to move things forward. 


In this talk, given as as keynote at Courage To Lead Live (February 2020), we talk about the fundamentals, that is, the basics. 

Your athletic coaches often told you, "Get the fundamentals right."

Here, we outline the same thing...