4 Secrets to Finishing Well

*culture *systems passion Apr 27, 2022

One of the biggest leadership lies sounds like, “Once we get to here, things will be easier.”

Now obviously your “here” is different than mine, but we’ve all had that destination or achievement we viewed as the silver bullet that would introduce peace to our pursuit.

Believing an achievement or result will bring you happiness is a mirage.

“Here” won’t bring happiness or simplicity… it will usually result in adding more complexity.

A more worthy, and wholistic, leadership goal is not a never-ending pursuit of arrival but rather working to finish your race well.

So, how do you finish well?

I believe there are 4 secrets to help you…


Secret #1 = Focus on progress, not perfection

In his book, The Infinite Game, Simon Sinek points out that, “It’s not about being the best, or the worst…it’s about making progress.”

Progress is the goal.

Don’t wait until you’ve achieved perfection to live at peace, because perfection will never happen.

Learn to celebrate progress!


Secret #2 = Be purpose driven, not production driven

Keep the focus on the main thing.

More than events or production… focus on your purpose.

Once all of the efforts fade and the high of achievement has receded, your purpose is what gives you peace.


Secret #3 = Maintain a safe place to process

Leaders live in too much isolation. We often lose sight of what’s important because our perspective is the only view we have of our situation.

You need a place, a relationship, a haven where you can take off the mask and process what’s really happening on the inside of you.

Too many leaders fall from grace because they lead from a deserted island of their own making.

Every leader needs a coach. CourageTolead.com exists for this reality. Don’t settle for the dangers of isolation. Let’s have a conversation today about helping you finish your race well.


Secret #4 = Enjoy the journey

The joy is not in the destination. The joy is in the journey. Joy is not in getting here, it’s in being here.

Success if being loved and respected by those closest to you and being fully where your feet are.

Bible says, “This is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.”

Enjoy this day.

If you’re not happy where you are now, you won’t be happy when you get there.

The secret to joy when you get there is by discovering joy while you are here.

How is your journey going?  

Are you on the path to finishing well?

We’re here to help!


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