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What growth actually looks like- and how to handle each season

*systems passion people Dec 15, 2021

I want you to do a small exercise.

First, take an honest assessment of where you are. 

Are you on a peak or in a pit?

It’s likely one or the other…

Second,  take the appropriate approach, which I’ll outline below.


Here’s what I mean… 

We often think that growth, personally and professionally, happens as a straight line, moving uphill. For certain, when you look back OVER TIME and chart growth, people usually show us several benchmarks, all moving uphill. 

So, yes, it SEEMS like this is how growth occurs.

But it doesn’t work like that, I don’t think.

Growth is more like a series of ups and downs, a series of forward and backwards movements. Sometimes— many times— you feel like you’re moving in the wrong direction. 

When this happens, it’s easy to frame the peaks and the pits in our minds different. 

“We’re up! We’ve got momentum,” we say.

Or— “Ugh. We’re down. We’ve lost what we’ve gained.”

It’s amazing how quickly our feelings can hijack us emotionally, spiritually, and even physically based on the external circumstances OF THE MOMENT rather than the trends of the season.

(How often have you wanted to quit— even after a GREAT Sunday, just because someone  said something sideways to you that Monday?)

Here’s the solution: 

First, realize this IS how it works the majority of the time. 

Growth comes in waves, a series of ups and downs, whereby we progressively— over time— gain ground.


Second, recognize what it feels like when it happens to you.

(Because it will happen.)

And, when you’re there, think to yourself, “OK. I knew I was going to feel like this. We hit a high. Now we’re down a bit. But we’re still farther along than we were when we started.”


Third, most importantly, CONNECT with others at each point along the way.

Give when you can; take when you need to!

  •  When you’re on the peak, reach back and help your brothers (Luke 22:32).
  •  When you’re in the pit, receive the help! Rest assured, your peak is coming, and the same people who helped you are going to, in turn, need your support (2 Corinthians 1:3-5).


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