How to Build a Gut-Level Honest Team

*team video Oct 27, 2021

Most team members are big liars to each other!

Or, to say it another way-- Most teams are not completely honest with each other.


Because most leaders don’t set the pace for “gut-level honesty” and rather settle for artificial harmony.

In this virtual coaching session, CourageToLead Founder & CEO Shawn Lovejoy shows you how to set a cultural tone of health and honesty by giving your team 4 things:

  • Grace
  • Honesty
  • Proper Placement
  • Prayer

Great teams are one courageous conversation away from potential growth in your organization.

Knowing healthy ways to communicate is one secret to unlocking a high-performing, killer team. But what now? From here I want to help you get…

…THE plan you need...

…THE process you need..

…THE system you need...

…to guide you to leading a team that not only produces at high levels, but also brings you personal peace in the process.


The Killer Teams Coaching Course

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