S3E1: Shawn Lovejoy | How Can I Restructure My Time?

podcast Jun 27, 2023

 How can I restructure my time? This is the most asked question by clients, potential clients, and live show attendees. 

Leaders spend too much time trying to structure their organization for growth when the calendar is the most critical system. The right system is the one that works. 

Let me encourage you…

You are not responsible for what you can’t do and the time you don’t have. You are 100% responsible for the time you do have. 

So, how do you grow as a leader? You keep learning. Listen to podcasts, read a new book, or catch up on your favorite YouTube channel. Never stop working on yourself. 

Secondly, spend one-fifth of your time with your team. Teach your team how to see what you see, think as you think, and say what you say. 

One of the reasons why you don't meet with your team is because you doubt your own self as a leader. You need to overcome yourself and your insecurities for a true leader to rise up. 

I’m cheering for you. You can become the leader you want to be.