3 Indicators of a Healthy Leader

priorities purpose Nov 10, 2021

When I coach, my goal is to facilitate leadership growth and organizational health. 

There’s a big word in there: Health

Health is a big deal to me. In my family, my organization, my team and every other area of life. I am driven for and by health.


Because healthy things grow. Specifically, healthy CHURCHES grow!

And, pastor, health begins with you!

I want to give you 3 concentric circles of health and readiness every leader needs to focus their energy on. These will serve as “make or break” for your leadership and it’s longevity. 


1. Character

Character is the pastor's life

Charisma will take us only so far. Character matters.

Having character doesn’t mean we lead "without flaw." It simply means we seek to be a person people actually want to follow because of who we are.

Are you who you say you are?

Do you do what you say you will do? 

Character is the deepest measure of our success in business and life.


2. Core

Core is the leader's soul

Spiritual vitality is where it all starts. As leaders, we must pay attention to and be diligent about our own spiritual health. Every healthy belief and practice as a leader flows out of a healthy relationship with God. Our confidence, our wisdom, our peace, and our disposition as a leader, all come from a spiritual place. 

The Bible frames it this way in Matthew 16:26 KJV):

For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul?

Frankly, to God, our souls mark our success.


3. Competency

Competency is the leader's skill

As your company and your leadership span grows, you need to be willing to move from generalist to specialist. You can’t be great at everything!

As the skill-level needed increases, your level of focus must increase. Every pastor needs a coach because every leader needs to grow!

What skills do you need to learn and develop?

What new habits will you need to build? 

Our skills accelerate our success. 


Put it all together

Look back at the three...

  • Character is your life
  • Core is your soul
  • Competency is your success

They all matter. But, we tend to "work them" in reverse order. It's important that we get them right-- and move from the "inside-out."

I want to see you in this for the long haul.


Written by Shawn Lovejoy