How to Have Meetings That Matter

*team blog Mar 02, 2022

In the first video of the Killer Teams course we discuss FIVE purposes of GREAT meetings…

(I know. That might sound like a SNOOZER of a topic. But, watch— or read— on. I promise. You’ll realize, within the next five minutes, how meetings can become a powerful engine of growth.)

Here are the five purposes of meetings— 


#1 = Community 

Think about it like this…

Bad leaders say, “Do we need to meet today? We don’t have anything we need to talk about, do we…?”

(Insert shoulder shrug.)

Good leaders do the opposite. 

They say, “Oh, let’s get together!”

Sure, there are reasons to meet— and things that need to get done. But, the best leaders realize that the greatest asset is the people you’re meeting with.

In fact, at the risk of chasing a rabbit, let me remind you of three fundamentals of a healthy team: 

  1. Mutual devotion, that is, they’re as committed to EACH OTHER as they are the vision.
  2. Proximity, they’re close.
  3. Consistency, they’re together regularly. 

Sounds like a great meeting, doesn’t it?


#2 Communication 

It’s easy to assume everyone else just “knows” what going on in the organization. 

But think about it…

You probably don’t even remember what you ate for breakfast yesterday, do you? 

There’s NO WAY everyone knows everything. One of the marks of a great meeting is time for people to share…

… and to make sure everyone keeps moving forward together. 


#3 Collaboration 

Speaking of not knowing everything, the best meetings create space for the team to cross-pollinate, swap ideas, and exchange mental collateral….

… a great meeting, in other words, moves your strategic vision forward because it provides unfiltered space where some of the best, unscripted ideas can flow.

(By the way, this is a great way to keep your best leaders around. Someone has said it well: “Leaders won’t buy-in, unless they first get to weigh-in.” Give them a shot. Some of the people you already have probably possess the keys you need to unlock some of the doors to where you want to go!)


#4 Coaching 

Meetings are a great time to lead your MVPs forward…

… to call out the best things you see, to provide alignment into how your organization wants to do things….


#5 Cheering 

Truett Cathy said, “No one ever died from too much encouragement.”

And, you may have heard the phrase, “People work harder for PRAISES than they do for raises.”

Breathe life into people. 

Infuse them with hope.

Face it: leadership is often a lonely task. Make sure your people know you SEE them by telling them in front of others.


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