Build "one pizza" teams throughout your organization

*team video Jul 06, 2022

Do you have too many direct reports?

You may…

In fact, you probably do…

Here’s a tip.


Build a one-pizza team for every team you have

Here’s what that means = don’t have more people on a team than can split a pizza.

You can manage more, sure, but you can’t CARE for more. And leadership isn’t just about going somewhere, it’s about the people you’re going there with…

Build a bunch of pizza parties by having these smaller teams throughout your organization at every level.


As you do, clearly define authority vs. influence (solid lines vs. dotted lines).

No one needs to feel like they have two bosses. Often, we do, though, b/c other people on the staff influence what we think + feel + do.

But we need to know where the “solid lines” of authority go (i.e., “you report to this person, so you need to do what they tell you.”).

And we need to know where the dotted lines of influence go (“learn from these people and get input, b/c they want to see you and the organization succeed, but you’re not ultimately responsible to them”).




Your call action

Identity 3 resources you can place before your team over the next 6 months. And, begin dripping the resources to them. It might be a book you read together a chapter at a time, a podcast you each listen to and discuss, or even this resource. 

Here's a suggestion: the Building a Killer Team book.

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