How to get and keep great talent

*team video Jun 29, 2022

Your success as a leaders is largely dependent on your team. 

A great team helps you AMPLIFY your efforts and achieve more while stressing less.

This means you need to constantly think about acquiring MORE leaders.


Think about it this way…

The best college coaches are GREAT recruiters. They know how to spot talent, and then they do something unique…

They go and ASK the talent to join them.

(Sure, they’ve got to know what to do to “get the most” out of that talent once they bring them on, but the first step is to GET THE TALENT.)


That leads us to a strategic observation: The best talent has to be recruited. The best talent is not going to send you a resume and ask you to come work for you.

In other words, you’re not looking for people who are “looking for a job.” You need people who don’t necessarily need you!


I suggest you pursue this on two fronts— 

  •  Internal. Raise leaders up from the pool of people you have. 
  •  External. Look outside of your organization for the leaders you need as well. Network. Talk around. Connect.


By the way, BOTH of these are a constant process. Even when you think you’ve got it dialed-in (think about how many college football coaches “lose” players each year to graduation and drafts and more!).

Some of your leaders will get recruited and leave. Others will walk into a different life-season. 

Consistently look to develop the people around you— and to bring new leaders into the fold…


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