If you love adding value, facilitating health and making a positive impact in the lives of others — you will LOVE this team!  

CourageToLead is providing opportunities to earn a living by facilitating health in the lives of leaders and growth in organizations around the globe. We are working to generate change and we are committed to being champions for those who invest their lives in being a champion for others. Our work ensures that leaders never have to do leadership alone. 

A little more about us, our culture, what it’s like to work here and the kind of people who thrive on our team…

We are a team of talented individuals who value HEALTH. We model the way with people, with clients, in excellence and in everything else we do. We practice what we preach. We believe in the rhythm of working hard and playing hard. We understand that success is being loved and respected by those closest to you.

We are aggressively RESPONSIVE. We make people feel great about themselves by rarely having to wait and never having to wonder where they fall in importance to us. We make people’s day better by promptly responding to our calls, emails, and texts. We maintain the 24 hour rule!

We FOLLOW THROUGH with intensity. When we use the word intensity, we use it with intensity. We are intense. We are passionate. We do what we say we will do. We start on time and end on time! We do not take no for an answer. We do not wait on anyone else to do the thinking for us. We tackle a task and figure it out along the way. We execute at high levels. We launch things quickly and we constantly improve them along the way.

We are HONEST. We practice integrity. We share the last 10% of what we’re thinking. We believe honesty honors people. We speak the truth and we are secure enough to receive the truth. We are process-challengers! We are a tight-knit team who believes the best in one another, is made better by one another and fights for unity with one another.

We are mission-focused, hard-charging, relationship-driven, and above all else, believe there is a deeper meaning in our work. We will always work as hard as a startup while constantly learning new and better ways to do our work.

Like what you hear about us?


Now let’s talk about YOU!

Here are some areas where you may fit on our team…

Director of Operations

We are looking for a strong, seasoned Director of Operations who strikes the unique blend of executing projects with precision and leading people in life-giving ways. You are a culture-shaper who thinks system, strategy and growth with ever-increasing agility. When it comes to customers, team and community, you lead with compassion.

Director of Engagement

This position’s primary focus will be to expand the reach of our business by calling and connecting with potential clients. The number one goal of this position is to convert our ideal audience and prospective organizations into coaching clients.

Executive Assistant

We’re looking for a mature, experienced Executive Assistant who shows up daily with a get-it-done attitude and is always thinking ahead. If you’re the kind of person that thrives being surrounded by a diverse team of exceptional people dedicated to changing the lives of leaders all over the world.