Executive Assistant 

Duties + Responsibilites

Responsible for scheduling and confirming all appointments and maintaining Shawn’s calendar.

Responsible for filtering, assisting, and responsiveness of all of Shawn’s email.

Responsible for scheduling all of Shawn’s travel and ensuring that travel reimbursements are collected when needed.

Responsible for being the liaison to any leader or organization for any and all Courage To Lead Events.

Responsible for drafting emails and letters when needed.   

Maintain customer confidence and protect operations by keeping information confidential.

Responsible for prospect, customer, and client Support. Responsible for being the first line of response to any issue that arises with a prospect, customer, or client.

Responsible for traveling 3-4X per year to assist in representing CourageToLead.com at conferences.

Responsible for basic management and maintenance duties of the CRM (database), as well as the execution of regular email blasts to database.

Other Duties As Assigned

Application Instructions:

To apply, please submit the following via email to info@couragetolead.com

  1. Cover letter and PDF of your resume

  2. Myers-Briggs Personality Type 

  3. StrengthsFinder Top–5 Strengths Report (optional)

  4. Answer the following questions:

    1. What win are you most proud of in your experience of being an Executive Assistant?

    2. If this was your role, you would be managing Shawn’s email inbox. What is your process for effectively getting to inbox zero each day?

    3. Shawn is looking for a “Handler” – what does that mean to you and why are you the perfect Handler?

    4. We are looking for a calendar management ninja. Give us 3 reasons why that is you. 

    5. Link to a 2-minute video introduction (We will not review videos longer than 2 minutes).