Our Ministry Team’s Core Values (pt.1)…

Over the last ten years, Our Mountain Lake Ministry Team has been bound together by a set of core values. So many CHURCHES I know have core values these days. Great thing. However, most Church staffs/Ministry Teams don’t have a clear set of values they covenant to live by. Mind you, when we started Mountain Lake, we didn’t sit down and decide what we WANTED our values to be. We actually sat down as a leadership team about six years ago, and IDENTIFIED TOGETHER the values we saw bubbling up in our team environment every day. Here is what we wrote down:

The Mountain Lake Ministry team values:

  • Community: We do life together
  • Honesty: We share the last 10% of what we’re thinking.
  • Teamwork: He help & serve each other regardless of job description.
  • Loyalty: We have each other’s backs.
  • Execution: We do what we say we’ll do.
  • Resourcefulness: We’re thankful for what we have and do our best w/ it. 
  • Sacrifice: We’re wiling to pay a price to do life and mission together.

We talk about these values ALL the time. We hold each other accountable to them. These values have governed our relationships as team members the last ten years and are one the main reasons why our church is so unified in our mission and love for one another ten years later! 

Questions for you…

What are YOUR team’s values?

Do you ever talk  about them as a team?

Are they written down?

Does everyone know them?

Is the team held accountable for them? 

BTW, at our upcoming churchplanters.com conference, I’ll be leading a breakout called: “Church Staffing 201.” I’ll be covering many of  Mountain Lake’s Best Practices when it comes to discovering, attracting, hiring, and leading ministry teams. 

Stay tuned as I unpack a few of our Ministry Team Values over the next few days…