The Myth of Balance (pt. 2)…

Balance says that we should give equal energy and attention to everything at the same time. However, not only is this idea not possible; It’s not Biblical! Take the Biblical idea of Sabbath.  The very word Sabbath means: “to stop or cease ” something. God wants us to work 6 days! Work is not a curse! It doesn’t deserve our 2nd best. It’s not a sin to go to bed exhausted every day!

However, every 7th day, God COMMANDED us to rest (in the same list of commands He COMMANDED us  not to murder). Every 7th day should be an opportunity to STOP our normal routine and replenish ourselves physically and spiritually! This might challenge you, but think about this: This means that you are NOT supposed to “keep all the plates spinning”! God says to stop spinning them and let them all fall every week! Love that! 

The greatest challenge is that most of us agree with the idea of Sabbath and believe it to be a good thing; we just don’t know how to get there!  How do we work the idea of Sabbath into our life rhythms? Here are some ways that we can build Sabbaths into our lives.

  • Take your day off. Simple. Do you trust God enough to do life according to His pattern? The answer is either YES or NO.
  • Do all your “honey-do” lists, and house-catch-up tasks on Saturdays. Go ahead and work hard around the house of you need to; The Biblical idea is just to have ONE DAY that we stop EVERYTHING.
  • Honor the LORD on the Sabbath. Go to church. Worship Him. Serve Him. Give to Him. God knows what’s best for us. God refreshes us through His people, His worship, and His Word. Be faithful to church! Stop making excuses!
  • Take your vacation time. All of it. Don’t feel guilty about it. Don’t answer your cell phone. That’s what voicemail is for. Set up your voicemail to say: “I’m on vacation. I need the rest from work; so I will only be returning phone calls this week that have the word ‘emergency’ in them.”
  • Tell your kids they can do 1-2 seasonal sports. That’s it. Train them to rest. Train them to do 1-2 things, rather than allowing them to try to do everything!
  • Have some YOU and GOD time. Find the quietest part of your day EVERY DAY and BE STILL AND KNOW THAT HE IS GOD. Take some time to read God’s Word and pray! No, you won’t get quite as much done if you stop for 30 minutes and do nothing;  but you’ll be reminded again that YOU DON’T HAVE TO GET EVERYTHING DONE!
  • How do YOU rest? What are the steps YOU need to take to rest?