It doesn't matter what you think...

Too often in our relationships, churches, preaching, and in our small groups and daily conversations among Christians, we'll try to help someone by saying: "Well, I think..." and we go on to give our opinion on the situation. I think, though, that we actually hurt people as much as we help them with our opinion and advice. Why? It's our opinion and advice! We're not perfect! We often don't know all the facts and don't know the real truth of the situation! Pastors: Stop giving your opinion. Make sure you don't cloud your teaching with "the sin of preference." Give God's perspective. If it happens to be our opinion, we need to tell everyone so. We could be wrong. We will be held accountable for advice given that doesn't line up with God's Word and God's heart.

What do we need to do? Give them God's perspective. Share God's Word with them. Remind them what God has said about them, others, our world, and their situation!

Moses is a great example. He told the people exactly what God said: nothing more and nothing less:

"So Moses returned from the mountain and called together the elders of the people and told them everything the LORD had commanded him."Exodus 19:7 (NLT)

We need to stop telling people what we think. We need to know what God says. Stick to His advice. We'll never be wrong; and God will use us in the lives of many!