How I keep growing (pt 2)...

Coaching networks have also been a big part of my growth as a leader in the church. Coaching networks have allowed me to learn from pastors and leaders that are even closer to the stage of ministry life I am in.  Since our church began, I have sought out numerous coaching and networking relationships with other Pastors.  In the early years of my church plant, I  secured a friend’s beach condo and invited 6-8 of my church planting friends.  We split the grocery bills and talked about ministry for two days.  Those days shaped our churches and helped form some of my best ministry friendships to date!  Since then, I have joined groups like Leadership Network’s Learning Communities, as well as Future Travelers, a group of Pastors I connect with, where we envision the future of the church together. Knowing the value that coaching relationships have added to my life and ministry was a driving force in the value of our coaching networks.

 Each time I get Pastors into these settings whether it be peers or mentors, they tell me that these conversations fuel them!  I have heard it said that we change primarily through the influence of the people we know and the books we read.  I know that’s true for me.  I have never had an original thought!  Because of my relationships and the resources I am consistently exposed me to, I don’t need to.  I simply observe, listen, contextualize, and execute!

Have you ever been or are you currently in some type of coaching network? Which ones have you gained the most value from? What made the valuable to you?