What I Owe My Team (pt 2)...

In this series of posts, I have been sharing about what I owe my team as their team leader. If you missed yesterday's post, read it FIRST! However, there are some additional things I owe my team as their team leader:

Clarity: I must be clear about the bulls-eye with my team.  As the team leader, we must first make sure the vision is clear among our team members. Try this:  Ask every team member to separate and write down the mission of your organization.  Then have each one recite aloud the mission of your church.  A wake up call will ensue. If the vision is not clear; or if our team is not unified around the vision, it is our fault. We are the leader! Pastors, give yourself to the cause of unifying your team around God's great vision for the church! Clarity of, and unity around, the vision is of vital importance!

Our teams also deserve clarity of the expectations we have for them.  How can they hit the bulls eye if they don’t know what the target is?  Mapping out distinct goals and setting definitive project deadlines gives everyone a crystal clear understanding of what the win is.  Team members deserve to know what winning job performance looks like, including hitting deadlines and getting the job done. Determine what you expect of your team and then make it clear.  Say it.  Write it down. Hold everyone accountable. Schedule team member reviews. Caution: Not every team member will want to be held accountable for results. The RIGHT team members, however, will invite it! They want to know what it means to win!  The only thing worse than a team member not knowing the win is a leader who lacks the nerve to draw clear lines for the good of all.  Without clear expectations, team members won’t have the chance to experience the thrill of a job well done.  With clarity of mission and expectations, we come to trust each other and feel like a winning team!