"Healthy" discipleship

I discipled my daughter this morning. Not about Jesus; about oranges. In our household these days, we are trying to eat a little healthier. After finishing her cereal this morning, my 12 yr old Hannah said “I’m still hungry.” “You can have an orange,” I said. “OK...”( I could see the disappointment); “but I want to peel it,” she said. She tried. She couldn’t. I offered. She accepted.

However, here’s what I told my daughter: “Hannah, today I’ll show you how to peel it. Tomorrow, though, I want you to give it a try. you can give it a shot and I’ll watch; after that, you should be a professional orange peeler.” "OK," she said. She smiled. I did, too. A “healthy” disciple is in process!

Every day, you and I are to be about making disciples. Not of oranges; of Jesus! Healthy disciples of Jesus! Fruit-bearing disciples! We are to be helping people know Jesus; look like Jesus; serve Him; and share Him. Spiritual leadership is healthy discipleship. Just like orange peeling, however, the healthiest discipleship looks like this:

  • I’ll do and you watch: I’ll produce fruit. Requires intentionality and proximity.
  • You’ll do; I’ll watch and coach: We produce fruit. Requires: and consistency and teachability.
  • You’ll do it on your own: You’ll produce fruit! Requires faithfulness.

Remember this, as well: the best discipleship happens one person at a time; one fruit at a time! It’s a process! It takes time! So what about you? Are you committed to healthy discipleship? If so, who’s your next potential “healthy” disciple?