The Value of a Pastor's wife (Pt. 1)...

Last night, my wife Tricia went out to dinner with all of the others pastors' wives. This is something she does every other month. No, there's no "Beth Moore" Bible Study that goes on there. They just go out to dinner, laugh, and talk about their husbands. That may not sound spiritual to you, but it is for them. The nonstructured time my wife spends with the other Pastors' wives is so valuable in terms of the opportunities it opens up for Tricia to invest in, and do life with, our Pastors' wives. This is something that Tricia has done since DAY ONE of our church. It's just one of many things that make my wife a great Pastor's wife. Many of you know my wife. She's the best Pastor's wife EVER.  She enhances my life and ministry in so many ways. All of this got me thinking: What are the specific things that make Tricia so valuable in my life and ministry? I thought of thousands, but I will list only a few:

She encourages me.

After all four services every weekend, my wife is waiting backstage for me. Right at that moment, she sins every week: "That was great," she says. I know she's lying. I know she will later even have some critiques. At that moment, however, what I need is a good lie: "that was great." I need encouragement!  I need to hear someone tell me that God used me; that I made sense; that I connected; that people's lives will be changed because of this message! It's not just backstage. Tricia will consistently say: "Shawn, how should I handle're so good at this." Sometimes when I am running crazy and spinning 100 plates, she will say: "I don't know how you do what you do." In that small sentence, i feel like she admires me as a person and as a pastor, and even looks up to me in some small way. Her simple words of encouragement mean more to me than a thousand pats on the back by members of the congregation.

* She partners with me.

I work hard to try to partner with Tricia at home. She has told me often that my willingness to partner at home, moves her to want to partner with me in ministry. She doesn't just support me in ministry. She is with me. There's a big difference. For example, she has freely chosen to attend all four services of our weekend experience with me. She worships with me, not just in one, but sometimes two or more of our services. She takes notes on my message. After the services, she stands beside me in the lobby...yes, after all four services! Not once have I ever asked her to do this. She has told me numerous times that she feels called to do it! Why? We are a team. We feel called to ministry together. We are partners.

That's just two of 100,000 things that make my wife a great Pastor's wife. Stay tuned for Part Two of this post tomorrow!

Pastors, what are some of the specific things that make your spouse so valuable to you in your ministry?