Six Traps of Organizational Growth (part 2)...

Yesterday, we began discussing the six "all-too-common mistakes" growing organizations seem to make, according to Inc. Magazine. The question I've been asking is: "What parallels are there to church leadership?" You tell me. Here are the last three:

4. You Run out of money. "Cash flow is always a concern--no matter how much cash you have. Companies often actually become less liquid as they grow. They can grow themselves right into bankruptcy."

5. You can't keep up with demand. "When people want what you're selling, you had better be able to provide it." "the best strategy… is to manage growth so it can be dealt with in small chunks rather than in big ones."

6. The problem is you. "As your company grows, you need to grow with it. Most high growth entrepreneurs…lack the experience needed to guide their organizations long-term," the article states.  The article recommended that entrepreneurs surround themselves with advisory boards and management teams that understand organizational growth. This allows the entrepreneur to remain an entrepreneur and allowing the organization to grow to be a healthy company, not just produce great products.

So…what do you think? What jumps out to you that applies to church leadership?