Pastor, is your church a “Sticky Church”?

Let’s be honest. In today’s world, it’s relatively easy, with marketing and intelligent lighting, to draw a crowd to church.  The question is, in the long run, will we as Pastors build crowds or build churches? Will we make a teaching center or make disciples? As Pastors, will we be happy with what we’ve accomplished, in the end?

I love the idea of becoming a  “Sticky Church”, because doing so, is really all about making disciples! The question for us as church leaders, is: Will we help people STICK to Jesus and His church long enough and strong enough to keep growing? Are people REALLY connected to, and becoming ,the church, in our church? Or do we  just have a crowd?

The numbers will tell the story! For example, presently, we have 79% of our adult attendance active in small groups in our church. But community is not the only goal.  Every one of our groups is actively investing into our community missionally in tons of ways! Almost 70 % of our attendance is actively serving God through our church’s volunteer ministries! Granted, these don’t tell the whole story, but numbers don’t lie. People are connecting with God, His word, His people, and His mission for their lives in our church!  THAT’S church! THAT’S making disciples!

Yes, we’re baptizing people. We baptized this past weekend; we’ll baptize 13 more this weekend , and we’re quickly filling up our next two baptism dates! However, at Mountain Lake, baptism is not the end goal! It’s just the beginning of the journey!  We want to help these new believers stick to Jesus and the church for the long haul! That’s our commitment. We are committed to being a sticky church! If you would love to learn how to become a stickier church, get to this one day conference on May 11 at our church! Larry Osborne, Greg Surratt, and others will be here to help you! Get signed up NOW!