The importance of over-communication (part II)…

This past Sunday was a great product of the fruit of over-communication. In preparation for the kickoff of our new series, we went all out on our internal communication to mobile people to get here for the start of our new message series called “Upside Down”.  People may have been sick of hearing from us; we may have annoyed some people; but NOONE DIDN’T know what was going on. the result? We were up  200 people in attendance from the week before!

As I said before, I know there’s a lot being written these days about over-communication. I DO agree that you can over-communicate. I frankly just don’t know of any organizations or churches that over-communicate! I know of DOZENS, however, that UNDER-COMMUNICATE. Under-communication is the real issue in organizations!

At Mountain Lake, every time, if we’re going to err one way or another. We’re going to CHOOSE to over-communicate. Why? It works! 

So how do we seek to over-communicate at MLC? Here’s a list,  but it’s not even exhaustive!

1. WEEKLY updated Members and Attenders page on our website with ALL upcoming events.

2. We utilize THE HECK out of constant contact regularly, especially prior to big days.

3. We now utilize video announcements weekly called “The Pipeline” which are scripted, clear, and to the point, but keep the vision and happenings in front of people.

4. We have a facebook group for our church and create a facebook invite for every message series we teach.

5. We utilize Vontoo automated phone service for special reminders of every kind.

6. We have a road sign out at our entrance dedicated to our current message series.

7. For big message series, we plaster our community with “real estate” type road signs.

8. We mail out 40000-50,000  mailers for about 4 message series each year: January, August, Easter, and Christmas.

9. This past Christmas, to over-communicate our message series, “Peace on earth”  we gave every family a shoe polish pen and asked them to write “Peace on Earth.” on their windows. Probably one of the best things we’ve EVER done!

10. Our Small Group Leaders in our church constantly carrying the ball for us and keeping people in our church up to date.

11. Four times a year at our “Merge” worship services, multiple campuses and services come together and I give a state of the church address and let people know what’s coming down the pipeline at Mountain Lake for the next several months.

12. We state our mission from the stage ATLEAST every other weekend.

You probably have tons of other ways you can over-communicate in your church and ministry. Ideas? What are you doing that we’re not doing?