The strategy for big crowds...

"The news about His miracles had spread far and wide and
vast numbers of people came to see Him..."
Mark 3:8 (NLT)

        Believe it or not, Jesus had a consistent evangelistic strategy: Good News + Miracles = Big Crowds.  When Jesus preached and healed, "vast numbers" of people showed up as a result. If this was the case in Jesus' ministry, why do I hear so many people and churches throwing stones at larger, fast growing churches when "vast numbers" of people start showing up. I've heard it all:
  • "They must be watering down the Gospel"
  •  "They're probably just telling people what they want to hear"
  •  "All they care about is building a big church. They don't care about people"
  •   "All they care about is drawing a crowd"
  •  "I've heard they serve beer in their lobby" (yes, this one has actually circulated in our community about MLC).   

        When I read the Gospels, however, it seems to me that Jesus never watered down the Gospel, and yet drew HUGE CROWDS of people! Not hundreds. THOUSANDS of people. Jesus always drew a crowd! People FLOCKED to Jesus! Could it be, then,  that crowds sometime flock to churches because it's full of GOOD NEWS about the life changing, miracle giving power of Jesus Christ?! Could it be that it has little to do with the preacher? the building? the coffee? The dress? The music? What if it has a ton to do with the fact that miracles are happening in people's lives due to the grace and power of Jesus Christ, and people can't help but tell other people about it? That's how Jesus did it.
        It's often crowded these days at Mountain Lake. To me, that's an affirmation that what Jesus has always been doing, He's doing through us!  I'm praying that the crowds just get bigger and bigger because that proves Jesus is up to His same old work again around here: Good News + Life Change = Big Crowds.

"Thank You Jesus, for having an opportunity to continue YOUR mission through our church!"