Leading my church through the recession (or depression or whatever)...

        Now is the time for leaders to lead in the church. We can blame, criticize, moan and be-groan; play the role of the victim; or we can step up, man up, woman up, and SHEPHERD our people through these turbulent times! We offer a financial planning course regularly at our church, called ReThink Money. However, we just feel that unusual times call for unusual response and leadership. Here's what we're doing at Mountain Lake to lead our people through this. This is an excerpt from our worship guide:

"In light of our current economic situation, the leadership at Mountain Lake Church would like to help equip you to navigate through these difficult times and end up better off on the other side. For the first time, EVER, our Lead Pastor, Shawn Lovejoy and the creator of ReThink Money, Casey Graham, will take the stage together to help us Recession Proof Our Lives. This FREE event will be held on Monday, March 16 from 6:30pm until 8:30pm at our North Forsyth Campus. There will be pizza for children and adults and childcare will be provided for children 6 weeks to 11 yrs. old. You can sign up on your communication card, call Pam Majerus (770.888.2513 Ext. 236) or email her at pmajerus@mountainlakechurch.org. You may also sign up online at  mountainlakechurch.org/rethinkmoney."

This class will differ greatly from our normal ReThink Money class, and will offer unique principles based on unique times. We will have upwards to 200 adults participate in this seminar at our church! If you're a Mountain Laker, get signed up NOW! It's free with free food and free childcare! I'm telling you this will be fun, practical, and could alter the course of your life!

I'm honored to be part of a spiritual leadership team that gets to lead, shepherd, counsel, encourage and challenge our people as we navigate through this time of uncertainty! Thanks God for what You've done in us and what You're doing through us to help people with all of this!