3 Keys to Being A Leader People Love To Follow


In my book, Measuring Success, I discuss the difference between being an entrepreneur or pioneer, and a leader. That difference has everything to do with People!

While leading people will be the hardest thing you ever do, a mature leader strives to be good with people.  

Here are 3 practical powerful qualities that grow your influence with people.

Stay approachable.

Some people silently communicate "stay away" in their demeanor.  Facial scowls, fake smiles, combative tones or being relationally difficult set a person apart as hard to approach.

Great leaders work to remain easy to approach.  The higher you rise as a leader the more difficult it is for others to feel comfortable approaching you.  Be careful not to add to that. One habit I slip into is walking very determined with a focused look on my face.  My team has told me it communicates, "Get out of my way, I am too busy for you."  This is not staying approachable as a leader.

Resolve Issues.

Jesus was the greatest leader who has ever lived. He embodied “grace and truth.”  He addressed issues with both mercy and kindness, and honesty and truth.  When you follow His model, you build trust with those on your team. Lingering issues and artificial harmony are venom to your leadership.  Quickly resolve issues with honesty and kindness.

When leading people, there are times when we do not like everything that happens.  Here is a framework of how to fight for trust in these moments: Send problems up and praise down. Fighting for trust is handing an issue up to leadership and reserving positive things to pass down to those under you.  If problems are handed down instead of up you are not fighting for trust, you are proving yourself unworthy of trust.

Enjoy Life.

Great leaders are attractive because they are at ease.  Even when things are stressful, bring levity and joy to every situation.  The best thing a leader can give their team is a "non-anxious presence." Do not over react, be super emotional or easily thrown by situations.  Loosen up. Have fun.

You are a leader, act like one.  Find some joy. Walk around with a smile on your face!  Enjoy your life. Do fun things with friends and family, and you let your team members see it.  I am not asking you to act as if life is not difficult. Life can be hard. But listen, you are a leader.  Navigating hard moments is what you signed up for.

I want you to win with people.  You will when you employ these tactics.  Remain easy to approach, keep fighting for trust, have fun in life and keep winning with people!