3 Questions Healthy Leaders Ask


In my years of coaching leaders, I have encountered those who naturally work hard to grow and develop themselves. There have also been my share of clients who I have to spur on towards the value of healthy leadership and self-improvement. Leaders who focus on growing themselves, create healthy habits of development and maintain a posture that they have not arrived are more likely to find true success in their endeavors. Here are 3 questions healthy leaders ask of themselves and those they lead:

What Are My Blind-Spots?

Our greatest strengths can become our biggest weaknesses without emotional health and self-awareness. Entrepreneurs are innovators, pioneers, and often brilliant. We blaze new paths. We are driven with a discontent. However, if we are not healthy emotionally, our desires to blaze new trails and our driven nature can become deadly. We can rub people the wrong way. We can intimidate people. We can bully people. We can mow over people. We can use people. We can manipulate people. We drive hard. We can struggle shutting down or allowing anyone else to do so. Most of us don’t know how to slow down. We don’t know how to shut down.”

Who are the truth-tellers in your life? Those trusted people who see and know your blind-spots. Ask them the question: “What do you see in me that I do not see?” Empower them to tell the trust. Listen to them. Trust them. And grow out of your blind-spots.

Do I Consistently Disengage?

I don’t believe in balance. I believe in life in rhythm: ebbing and flowing between intensity and rest. If we don’t rest, we can’t be as intense when we need it! We can literally be more productive by doing less! When we’re working we need to be working! When we’re at home or on vacation, we need to be fully present, as well!

Success is being fully where your feet are.

After countless conversations with lots of leaders, most of us are alike. We have a hard time disengaging from our work. We have a hard time mentally shutting down. We need help. How do we care for our emotions? How do we find rest for our minds? How do we maintain daily and weekly finish lines? I believe every leader ought to have a hobby or passion outside of their work, if only for the fact that we need some way of disengaging mentally from work!

I believe every leader ought to have a hobby or passion outside of their work, if only for the fact that we need some way of disengaging mentally from work! Too many leaders view work as their hobby. Growing leaders have passions outside of work. Play board game, find a favorite show on Netflix, join a Crossfit gym. Do something to disengage!

How Are My Relationships?

Pay attention to and be diligent about your relationships! spiritual health. Every healthy belief and practice as a leader flows out of a healthy relationship with God and healthy relationships with those closest to us. Our confidence, or wisdom, our peace, and our disposition as a leader, all flow out of our relationship with God and the quality of the relationships we maintain with those closest to us. Success is being loved and respected by those closest to us!

I want you to succeed. Your success is a result of your health and growth! My new book, MEASURING SUCCESS, was written with this in mind. Pre-order it today!