3 Reasons We Lose Momentu

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How does an organization lose its momentum? How can we keep it from happening to us? If it has happened, how do we regain momentum? Here are:

3 Reasons an Organization Loses Momentum

The Vision Becomes Unclear.  

Vision Drift Happens. Slowly and quietly an organization forgets WHY they are doing WHAT they are doing. This vision can also be hijacked by a person or group of people that have other agendas and ambitions for the organization.  Great leaders are Mean About The Vision. I wrote an entire book on this subject! 

Energy and Enthusiasm Decreases.

When we forget WHY we do WHAT we do, we will eventually lose our passion. Most of WHAT we do is not all that sexy: meetings, spreadsheets, emails, services, and events. WHY we do these makes all the difference. We must consistently remind those who serve with us why we are here and cheer them on! Momentum can make us look better than we are and even cause complacency. Passion and Urgency must rule the day to gain and maintain momentum. 

The Leaders Stop Learning & Stop Growing.

Success is the number one danger to future success. What is the number one mistake successful leaders make? Isolation. We stop learning from others. We begin to lack perspective. Every learning, growing leader I know leads a learning, growing organization. Every stagnated leader I know leads a stagnated organization. When we stop learning, we stop growing. When we stop growing, everyone and everything around us stops growing! value coaching so much. Please don't allow that to happen to you and the organization you lead. This is just one reason I'm so passionate about coaching! 

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