3 Ways To Eliminate Excuses


In my coaching and consulting with leaders, I get to hear lots of excuses. Many leaders seem to think it’s more difficult in their context or location or situation. They begin to list all of the reasons why it’s more difficult in their situation than it is for anyone else. These leaders are always quick to list a number of reasons why they’re not growing. I listen as they make dozens of excuses as to why they haven’t been able to break through to the next level. They blame their location, their facilities, their staff, the market, and on and on.

I hear lots of leaders make excuses like:

“We don’t have enough money.”

“We don’t have enough staff.”

“We don’t have a great location.”

“We don’t have a great facility.”

“I don’t think our people would go for that.”

“We can’t get our people to _________.”

“Our competition ______ (fill in the blank).”

“The market/economy _____(fill in the blank)”

“We’ve tried that and it failed.”

I know YOU have never been tempted to make excuses when things aren’t going as planned, think thoughts like these or make statements like this. However, you might have a friend  that has :) If so, can I be honest with you?

Making excuses will never take you to the next level.

They are attempts to excuse ourselves from dreaming bigger and charging full scale over the next hill.

Can I challenge you (or your friend) ? Here are three ways to eliminate excuses from your leadership and your team:

Don’t focus on FAILURES. Focus on LESSONS.

There’s no such thing a failure unless you quit or give up because of it. Every time you have fallen short of an expectation or goal, you have learned a valuable lesson that will increase your chances of success next time! If you can look back over your life, and you wouldn’t change anything…you haven’t learned any lessons! What have you learned the hard way? This just makes you better on the next attempt!

Don’t focus on what you CAN’T DO. Focus on what you CAN DO.

You are not responsible for what you can’t do and what you don’t have You are 100% responsible for what you can do and what you do have. God has placed you where you are in this time to make a unique difference. You are not running someone else’s race, and the greatest threat is not from the competition, but from inside us.  Get focused on what you can do. Action = Traction = Satisfaction!

Don’t focus on PROBLEMS. Focus on POSSIBILITIES. 

Any idiot can sit around and recognize all of the problems or challenges. A great leader sees an opportunity in every problem. A great leader is an eternal optimist when it comes to opportunities and possibilities. In your thoughts, conversations, and meetings, help everyone get their thoughts and conversations focused on what’s possible rather than what’s not.

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