3 Ways To Maintain A Daily Finish Line


I believe every person needs daily “finish lines.” We were designed by God to work hard but then rest hard! The “Sabbath” is more than a day a week. It’s a state of mind and a way of living and thriving in life. The word sabbath literally means to “cease striving.” I call this need to cease striving the need for consistent “finish lines,” this includes the need for a daily finish line!

Incessant calls, texts, emails, and social media with our colleagues at work into the night never allows our mind and body to replenish, and our family never gets our full attention! In our coaching, we push leaders to seek to maintain a daily consistent “finish line,” whereby you flip the switch, cease striving when it comes to our work, and focus on replenishing. So how do you get everything done? What about those seasons when work is more intense? How do we maintain a daily finish line and quit at a reasonable time when things are intense? I’m glad you asked! Here are:

3 Ways To Maintain A Daily Finish Line

Rob Your Sleep Instead of Your Family

I would always rather get up early than work late. Your family or coworkers will rarely need you before 6 AM! There’s so much we can get done early. At CourageToLead.com, we coach leaders to rob their sleep instead of rob their family. Just so you know I practice what I preach, I went to bed at 9pm last night and then this is my schedule today:

4:15 AM Wake

4:30 AM Bfast

5:00 AM “Work On Me” Time (prayer and reading)

6:00 AM Writing

9:00 AM Appointments

4:00 PM Finish LIne!

4:15 Exercise

5:00 Family Night!

Limit Your “Screen Time”

There are growing studies about the dangers of too much “screen time” when it comes to our technology. Too much “screen time” is affecting our eyesight, our psyche, and our sleep! At the Lovejoy home we try to shut down laptops and smartphones by 7PM each night. We’re not perfect with this, but we all realize that finishing with our “screen time” allows our minds to begin to relax for the night and replenish for the new day.

Be Where Your Feet Are

Too many leaders I know feel guilty when they’re at home because they know they have so much to do at work. Then they feel guilty at work because they’re not at home! This should not be so! The whole idea of living life in rhythm is being where your feet are. When you’re at work, be fully at work. When you’re at home, be fully at home! When your on vacation...you get the picture! There’s a time to work and a time to rest and play! This is what maintaining a daily finish line is all about!

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