3 Ways To Maintain Our Momentum


“We’ve got so much momentum right now."

Momentum can be dangerous. Momentum can cause us to think we are better than we are. Momentum can hide our flaws. It can tempt us to be prideful about our success. Momentum can cause us to rely on the successes of the past. It can tempt us to draft on our momentum. Momentum can cause us to give less than our best. It can cause us to presume on the future.  Momentum can give us false hope. Don’t get me wrong. Momentum can be powerful! Momentum matters...but just recognize that it can also be be dangerous! How can we be sure we maintain our momentum? 

3 Ways To Maintain Our Momentum: 

Stay Focused On The Basics. 

Be consistent in your habits. Focus on the fundamentals. Pay close attention to all of our metrics. Focus on customer service or congregation care. Invest consistently into your leaders. When we are experiencing momentum, communication is the first to get lost. Communicate well with people. Do the little things well. Be consistent in the blocking and tackling of leadership! 

Stay Focused on the Future.

We can get so caught up with the tactical responses to our growth, that we fail to focus on the strategic. We can't simply be reactive. We have to be pro-active. We need to stay out in front of the growth.  We are perfectly structured for the results we are getting now...but what about the future? 

Stay Focused on Learning. 

When we have momentum, everyone wants to learn from us. The question is: "Who are we learning from?" Are we maintaining an eagerness to learn and execute our way to the next level? Who and what will you be learning from leaders who have been to the next level? Bring leaders into your organization and invite outside perspective. Plan time to travel to network with and learn from other leaders and organizations. If we stop learning, sooner or later we will stop growing. If we stop growing, our organization will eventually stop growing. Don't allow that to be you!