A Church's Greatest Stewardship Responsibility

A church’s greatest resource is not the offerings we collect in our services. Our church’s greatest asset is its people. The church is people! Every weekend God even brings new people to our church.  As church leaders, I believe we are responsible to God for what we do with the people God sends us. In fact, I have always believed that God will not send more people to our church than we can be good stewards of! It doesn’t matter how great our services and productions are, if we don’t have good processes and systems in place to be good stewards of people, our back door will be as big as our front door.  So how do we get there?

* Everything needs to be put on paper.

There needs to be a step by step process of how our church responds whenever anyone in our church makes a spiritual decision. They step. We respond with a step. We need a response ON PAPER for every type of spiritual response someone makes in our church. First time guests, Second times Guests, Salvation, Volunteering, Small Groups, Giving etc. All of this needs to be put on paper or stored on the cloud so everyone on the team knows what our step is when they step. Do you have your steps on paper? Does everyone know what they are? Are team members held accountable for executing those steps?

* Some team members must be gifted in the area of systems.

Most Senior Pastors are visionaries and catalysts, but often not good at systems. If we aren’t good at it, we had better recruit or hire someone who is. For example, people who are high S’s and C’s on the DISC profile usually make great system implementers and managers. Our churches are perfectly structured for the results we’re getting now. If we want to see God increase the harvest, we need to get better at our systems. We probably need some help with that.  

* We probably need some outside help.

One of the things I consistently hear from attendees of  our Velocity Conference is how practical it’s been for those who have attended. In our breakouts with over 30 different speakers this year, we will once again get very practical about how to implement simple systems to be better stewards of the people God sends us. I hope to see you at #Velocity14! Bring your team!