Four Consistent Conversations Leaders Need:

Marriage Conversations

Every leader needs to have consistent conversations with close friends, coaches, mentors, accountability partners, and most importantly their spouses, about the most important relationship and ministry in our lives: our marriage! How are things going on a scale of 1-10? How does that compare to a year ago? Five years ago? How is the partnership in ministry or work; AND at home working? How are we fostering intimacy and friendship? If we finish the race without our spouse we don’t finish well.

Leadership Conversations

John Maxwell was right: “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” The toughest person to lead in our organizations and ministries is ourselves. Most of us do so much training on the front side of our careers or ministry, but get isolated and stagnated once we start! The key to continued organizational or ministry growth is continued personal leadership growth. Mentoring, Coaching, conferences, and online courses are just a few of the tools at our disposal.

Missional Conversations

The Word Mission means to “be sent.” It's one thing to talk about the Great Commission. It’s quite another thing to live it out. How are we engaging in relationships with people disconnected from Christ and the church? How can I spur on everyone around me to do the same? As I stated in my book The Measure of Our Success: An Impassioned Plea To Pastors: “Christian community that is not reaching the unchurched is not community. It’s consumerism.” Ouch. We need to hold each other accountable to this.

Financial Conversations

How are we going to finance the mission? How can we make a greater impact? How can we become more generous? How can we lead every person around us to do the same? Every mission requires resources. As the Leader, we are the chief resource raiser. God is counting on us to rally His people around His mission. We usually need help with this. Conversations are needed!